Our Story

Lindsey and Kevin with Meadowlark Event Center

When we were engaged and looking into wedding reception venues in Kansas City, we researched many different options. The more we searched, the more frustrated we became. Often, if a price were listed on a reception venue’s website, when we visited the venue space, we were told there would be a fee for not using the provided catering, a fee for bringing in our own DJ, a fee for bringing in our own alcohol, etc. In some cases, just these fees added up into the thousands!

We didn’t feel it was right to charge for something that wasn’t being provided, and didn’t cost the venue anything. Sometimes, venues even disallowed using outside services all together! We had a hard time finding a venue that fit our version of fair or reasonable. We also encountered pushy sales people with high-pressure sales techniques. In addition, sometimes, the websites of the wedding venues we visited were vague and misleading. During the whole process, we became very disheartened, and it started to lose the magic and romance of the anticipation of a special wedding day. We didn’t enjoy these experiences, and our excitement about the upcoming wedding was turning into stress.  Then we found The Meadowlark!

The Meadowlark created an experience that didn’t take away from the excitement and anticipation of our wedding day, and provided us with a unique, comfortable, versatile space.  The Meadowlark allowed us to be free from dealing with surprise fees, pushy salespeople, and unfair penalties. They provided full use of the event space with plenty of time to set up and decorate the space to fit our vision!   We were the first couple to use this rustic and beautiful venue in August, 2017.

– Kevin and Lindsey Dinneen


Congratulations Kevin and Lindsey and thank you for sharing your story.  Your story is an eloquent illustration of our mission, and we have been striving to create the same experience for every couple ever since.  In our first 12 months of operation over 50 couples booked with The Meadowlark.

Our Mission:

We are committed to providing engaged couples with pleasant experiences in booking a wedding venue or reception venue to help keep the magic and excitement of wedding planning alive! From the very beginning, we communicate and provide accurate, necessary information to help make the process hassle-free, and even enjoyable:

  • We provide pricing transparency, making our pricing information available on our website, and helping to avoid the frustrating, controlled meeting and sales pitch before even learning the price.
  • We provide all the relevant information regarding access to the spaces in the venue, package times, and included amenities.
  • We provide a calendar showing what event dates are still available, saving precious time when trying to book your particular date.
  • We don’t have hidden fees, or extra penalties for common things like bringing in alcohol, outside caterers, or other wedding services.
  • You won’t experience high-pressure sales techniques, or frequent harassment regarding making a decision on a venue. 
  • We have a simple online scheduling app to easily pick a time to tour our venue.

About the Venue Space:

The Meadowlark has incorporated many unique pieces to help provide a warm, rustic, but clean feel. Our main event space features a large antique bar crafted in the 1800’s that we found in rural Iowa. Rumor has it, it was custom made for a bar in Dodge City, KS. There is barn wood throughout the space that came from a barn in Sabetha, KS which was built in the early 19th century. The beautiful grand staircases feature maple from an old sawmill in Southeast Kansas, and repurposed wood from a dairy farm from the mid-late 1800’s. Hand hewn oak support beams from the early 1800’s accentuate the stair case. All of these elements come together to create a classic, rustic, yet elegant space to celebrate the most important events and milestones in life.