The Meadowlark wedding venue is complete with a caterer’s kitchenette, bridal suite, and even a top-notch groom’s suite. The private room is complete with a built-in bar that we discovered in a pub in rural Iowa, a large sectional sofa, card table, TV, a regulation dartboard, a foosball table, and most recently, anĀ air hockey table! Now, the guys have plenty to keep them busy while the ladies are getting ready in the fully furnished bridal suite. Most Kansas City wedding venues don’t even have a groom’s suite–ours is definitely one of the coolest out of all the wedding venues Kansas City has to offer! Take advantage of the early access our affordable wedding package offers on Friday to stock the bar’s fridge, and be ready for Saturday! The bridal party can take all the time in the world to get ready, and the guys will never even notice! Follow the link below to take a tour and check it out for yourself!

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